What Does The Duties Of A Security Guard Entail?

When it comes to the duties of a security guard, the first thing that comes to mind is security on your property or the safety of your home. For us to feel safe and protected, we need competent security and know that rules and regulations will be enforced to prevent criminal activity even before it happens.

The duties of security guards can differ from one property to the next all depending on the client’s needs. Some guards may monitor point of access to a building or property while other security guards provide a visible presence that deters safety issues.

Hiring a security guard is always aimed at one objective and that is the prevention of crime. Let’s take an in depth look at the duties and obligations of a security guard:

• Always be clearly visible – duties of a security guard are to always visible and in uniform. From all access points of the building or premises, the visibility of a guard is crucial due to the prevention of illegal activity. Visibility deters criminals.
• Always be observant – Walking the grounds of a specific premises and be able to quickly interpret what he sees for the safety of the employees or the homeowner. • Quick responses using the correct protocol – Being able to respond to a respond quickly and efficiently and using the correct protocol during a robbery, mugging, house break or any dangerous situation is the key element. Guards need to pay attention to even the smallest details that something is about to happen. Reporting any suspicious individuals or incidents on the 2-way radio system provided to them, will ensure the response team is on standby.
• Observation and reporting on daily basis – Observations should always be top priority for any guard on duty. Even after an incident occurred, the security guard should be vigilant to ensure the premises are now safe preventing any further occurrences during the day. After reporting the incident to the control room or supervisor, it always remains the duty of security guards to protect the property and to be visible.
• Monitoring of the premise grounds – Security guards may be armed or unarmed. They carry out different duties according the needs of a client such as monitoring buildings and grounds, preventing illegal activity, searching of people before entering a building by means of metal detector or even to be present at political meetings ensuring the crowd remains under control. But one thing is certain, security always needs to monitor the premise grounds. Any unlawful or illegal activity will be reported to the authorities.
• Security camera monitoring – The monitoring of surveillance equipment prevents losses and damage. Security Guards are often required to monitor these systems in order to report unlawful behaviour.

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