Finding the right Security Guard Company in Pretoria

New vision security is proud to announce that we now offer you the services of reliable, trustworthy and highly trained security guards. Finding the right Security Guard Company in Pretoria has never been easier.

New vision security takes every precaution necessary before employment of security personnel. All prospective employees are vetted by means of SAPS criminal record clearance, in-house pre-employment screening as well as drug screened to ensure we employ honest, loyal and trustworthy personnel at all times. Our guards are equipped with cellular phones to be in contact with management 24 hours a day. They are also equipped with two way radios and an array of equipment, which may be needed in the daily operation and maintenance of security related duties.

New vision security is a Security Guard Company in Pretoria with substantialgrowth over the past few years due to the transparency of the company and our commitment to ensuring the safety of your business and/or home environment making us one of the most affordable industrial, commercial and retail security service providers in Pretoria.

Each site protected by new vision security is equipped with panic buttons for all emergency situations where the assistance of backup or armed response is required. Effective crime prevention enhances the lives of all employees therefor we believe that our security guards undergoes continuous training to ensure the best security services for your business. Our guards are always visible, able to deal with crime at any point in time, deal and act professionally, be observant and trustworthy at all times.

In addition to becoming the leading Security Guard Company in Pretoria, new vision security is your all-in-one security company in Pretoria. We supply a wide range of products ensuring your property is protected at all times. Other products and services supplied by new vision security is cctv camera installations, ip cameras, electric fencing, gate motors, WAPA ip cameras, Greenvision ip cameras and Full HD Camera Systems. new vision security can ensure the best security services with years of experience behind our name.

New vision security is looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you ensuring your business is protected, safe and that no non-desirable outcomes surface at your place of business.

When it comes to your businesses protection don’t compromise. Call new vision security today for an on-site quotation by our experienced and highly trained staff.

Direct Contact Details:

Rudi Lombard - 082 784 9623
Bennie Lombard  - 082 784 9622
Ruffus de Beer   - 082 829 5592      
Office  - 012 991 0800

Safer Homes, Safer Businesses, Safer Communities

We can all agree that Safety and Security in South Africa is something we think about daily. The unsettling crime rate in South Africa has increased with a staggering 349% increase in business robberies over the past 11 years. South Africans have a growing need for both domestic and business safety.

New vision security has a wide variety of products available to tailor to every client’s specific needs ensuring that every home and every business is safe and secure. Private security in South Africa is an industry providing clients with guarding services, boom gates, cctv cameras, investigations and other security related services to individuals and businesses all over the country.

With the latest technology in security available to us at new vision security ranging from ip cameras to security fencing and years of experience in the industry, life without the backing of a private security company like new vision security has become inconceivable.

With the current crime rate in South Africa you can’t put a price on your home or business safety but you can choose a security company that offers all clients the most competitive rates.

Safety in South Africa shouldn’t be a fearful thought but rather peace of mind knowing that new vision security will tend to all security needs.

Contact us today for your free on site quotation.

How to choose your Security Company in Pretoria

Choosing the correct Security Company in Pretoria can be a daunting task.

When it comes to your family’s safety and security, all of us want to protect the ones closest to us. new vision security has professional and well trained technical staff to provide you with the best information on the product and services you require. We pride ourselves in having the best trained employees, specializing in ip cameras and HD CCTV Security Camera Systems. At new vision security, we are committed to providing you with quality products, ensuring your safety.

What do I look for in a security company?

When searching for the correct Security Company in Pretoria, it is crucial to see what services they offer you. A few things to look at are: how long have they been in business, is the technical staff trained and experienced, are their products made to suit my requirements as well as if the products are affordable.

New vision security has been in business since 2005 with an immaculate reputation. We have our own technical teams, trained to assist our clients with any installations and post-installation assistance. Our wide range of products is designed according to your requirements. new vision security Services doesn’t only install cctv cameras. Our product range also includes guarding services, IP, Wapa IP, Greenvision ip camera services, electric fencing, installation of gate motors and full HD camera systems all at affordable tariffs.

How long will the installation take?

The installation should be done within one week, fully set up and installed by one of our well trained technical staff members. new vision security is not prepared to compromise on safety. A home surveillance system is one sure way to keep your house safe from intruders. With the latest technology available we can help you create a secure and smart home, an environment where you feel safe. Our reputation speaks for itself with many satisfied customers in which we take great pride.

Which cameras does my house need?

With a wide variety of products available, we can offer you the best products on the market. One of qualified technicians will do a complete evaluation of your property ensuring that all your security needs are met. All of our products are fully adjustable to tailor for your specific needs. new vision security takes great pride in our products and strives to provide each client with best products, best quality and professional advice when it comes to securing your property.

Do I get a guarantee on the product?

We are proud to say that all our products carry a 5 year manufacturing guarantee. Please contact our offices for terms and conditions.

Which other services does new vision security offer?

  • New vision security can assist our clients with certain criminal investigations and analysing of footages. This is part of New Vision’s free maintenance depending on the quotation that the client accepted.
  • Installation of gate motors
  • Electric fencing

 Make the right choice when it comes to choosing your Security Company in Pretoria. Your security needs are our priority. Phone new vision security and speak to one of our professional sales consultants for your quotation.

What we offer for CCTV Security

We are not any security company that only has to do with securing your home or your business with CCTV security, hand the responsibility over to you and walk away. What we can offer is to be here to secure your home or your business with benefits.

What we offer for CCTV security is technical support. We have our own technical teams, trained to assist our clients with any installations and post-installation assistance. It is our pride to give a fast response time of 24-48 hours to each of our clients. Our CCTV security systems and all other products come with a 5-year guarantee with terms and conditions.

We have a rental option available for the CCTV security system available for your business so that you can keep an eye open for those unwanted occasions. Furthermore, we also assist with any criminal investigations and analyzing footages to all our clients.

New Vision Security Services:

We at new vision would like to assure you to our security service that we have to offer. We always try harder to keep our clients happy.

These are a few of the security services that we have to offer:

- Guarding Services
- CCTV, IP, Wapa IP and Greenvision ip camera Services
- Electric Fencing
- Gate Motors
- Full HD Camera Systems

**(All these above-mentioned products/services carry a five-year guarantee)

Our security services also give support to technical assistance and criminal investigations. With our security services, you also have the option the rent for all the business owners.


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