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Background Information

The infrastructure of the company lends itself perfectly to the catering of an affordable industrial, commercial and retail security service. NV Security is a fully-fledged security company and strives to supply the discerning client with a one-stop service. Apart from the more traditional guarding services provided by the Company, the service encompasses a central computerized Control Centre for alarm monitoring service and remote camera surveillance.

The sustainable growth of NV Security over the past years can be directly attributed to the principle of transparency and the commitment which it provides security services to all clients and in so doing, is guided by the Code of Conduct for Security Officers as provided by PSIRA.

The Company has a good standing and long relationship with the Security Association of South Africa (SASA).

Direct Contact Details

  1. Rudi Lombard - 082 784 9623
  2. Bennie Lombard  - 082 784 9622
  3. Ruffus de Beer   - 082 829 5592      
  4. Office  - 012 991 0800
  5. Mail  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  6. Web: - 


Directors and Human Resources

The management team is well vetted and understand the importance of on-going training and client service. They realize that our staff is the Company’s single most valuable asset and for the reason, employees are constantly developed and uplifted. All prospective employees are vetted by means of SAPS criminal record clearance, in-house pre-employment screening. It is a prerequisite for all prospective employees to be registered with the Private Security regulatory authority. Testimonials are corroborated and confirmed prior to the incumbent being employed; attention is paid to references supplied by previous employers. Senior management has an open door policy toward its employees and they are encouraged to discuss problems with members of the executive committee. The senior management team consists of individuals who have experience in virtually all aspects of the security industry. Recruitment is usually done on a local level to ensure that the employee’s family and social life is not unnecessarily disrupted by way of travelling time and associated expenses.

Guarding Division


An established selection criteria, supported by continuous motivation and incentive schemes provide the backbone to the Company’s manpower. The maintenance of a standardized service to our client is a matter of priority to the Company and minimum standards for the recruitment and employment of new staff are clearly laid down.



Employees are equipped with cellular phones to be in contact with management 24 hours a day. They are also equipped with two way radios and an array of equipment, which may be needed in the daily operation and maintenance of security related duties.

All sites are equipped with a “panic button”, which are available to the security officers for any emergency situation where backup or armed response is needed.

CCTV options are also available for remote viewing, by management as well as for the client to have full control over the daily routines of the security officers on site.


Manual occurrence book and where possible electronic occurrence books, to enable clients to follow the sequence of events for the duration of any one shift worked by our personnel are provided. 

Electronic guard monitoring devices are installed at all clients to ensure officers do patrols & reports on duty according to the job description. Apart from giving live feedback to control room, computer printouts are available to clients to monitor the officer’s activity after-hours, and possibly clear up any discrepancy that may arise as a result thereof.

Investigating Division

NV Security is in a constant quest to provide a quality security service to its clients. The increasing security needs of the average consumer demands vigilant awareness from its service provider to maintain an edge over the competitors. NV Security recently conducted a study to indicate the level of criminal behaviour amongst economically active individuals, and it was found that in almost 90% of all reported  acts of dishonesty perpetrated by employees, a distinct patter emerged that the same employees had similar notions in their behavioural history. The study further revealed that these acts could have been prevented had the employer been aware thereof beforehand. The Polygraph thus becomes an essential management tool for pre-employment vetting, integrity analysis, criminal investigations and disciplinary inquiries. In this regard, also see CCMA WEI, dated 9 July 1997.


NV Security firmly believes that effective crime prevention can only be through proper education and awareness. Therefor security personnel:

  1. To be visible
  2. Deal with crime at any point of time
  3. On-site training provided by qualified security personnel
  4. Deal and act provisionally at all times
  5. On the job observation is done by the means of checklists
  6. Job description and responsibilities are updated regularly
  7. All of our staff are screened and tested for drugs before employment

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