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New vision security is proud to announce the latest breakthrough in CCTV cameras, the Human Detection Camera.

What is a Human Detection Camera?

These cameras are truly the latest in technology that will inform you instantly of an intruder on your property. The Human Detection Camera has a range of 15 – 20m from the camera to detect any movement on the given property. These cameras identify the object, takes a picture of the moving object and notifies the owner immediately. Therefore is called a human detection camera.

How does a human detection camera work?

There was an urgent need in South Africa for better, faster and more accurate surveillance cameras. With the older surveillance cameras, it was quite difficult to capture faces of the intruders and most systems required monitoring by a person to detect movement on the property. But, with the latest technology in CCTV cameras, such as the human detection camera, that might be a problem of the past.

These systems are specifically designed to take an instant picture of the movement and a notification is sent to your phone via the app as well as an intruder alert on your email. Graphs will be sent daily indicating when movement took place for your convenience.

These human detection cameras are ideal for farmers, business owners and homeowners. We have had great success on farms with these cameras.

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New vision security is proud to announce that we help protect our farmers.

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