We are registered as an essential service. New Vision Security can assist you with quotations and more during the lockdown.

Welcome to the new and improved website for New Vision Security and the latest in technology, the Human Detection Cameras. New Vision Security is proud to announce that we are now registered as an essential supplier and can now operate during the lockdown.

It is no secret that most of us have had plenty of time to think and rethink the security systems we currently have installed or have been planning to install. Truth be told, there has never been a better time to ensure the safety of your loved ones. And with the latest technology Human Detection Cameras, this is possible.

This alarm system is combined with a camera view to track the movement live on your phone. You will receive a notification via your smartphone and via email, instantly notifying you of any movement on your property. These IP Human Detection Cameras are so advanced that you will receive a snapshot of the perpetrator for easy identification should an investigation be necessary.

Movement of the perpetrator can be caught on camera for up to 17 meters from your property. Daily graphs will also be sent via email to track the movement on the property. These Human Detection Cameras truly can save the lives of your loved ones.

New Vision Security have also made it our priority to assist farmers with Human Detection Cameras in order to protect their farms and their cattle. Any movement within 17 meters of the camera, will be captured and sent directly to your phone.

New Vision Security is registered as an essential service provider and can, therefore, assist with quotations for the installation of your human detection cameras. We have taken pride in our systems and due to the financial difficulty we are all facing, we are convinced we can beat any quotation given to you.

In order to beat the given quotation, send us a copy of the quote you received, and we will match or beat the price. T’s & C’s apply.

What are you waiting for? New Vision Security has the biggest savings on these ones of a kind Human Detection Cameras. Let us help you install your own Human detection camera system