We are registered as an essential service. New Vision Security can assist you with quotations and more during the lockdown.

All South Africans are feeling the pressure of the National lockdown regulations in place. We are not able to go about our daily routine as we are used to.

A lot has changed in our daily lives since the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the National lockdown was declared. We are forced to stay at home and adapt to a new way of living. To rebuild our lives around the virus and find a new normal.

Perhaps a time to reflect on our lives. Access what is important like personal protection or protection of your business in these uncertain times. Personal protection can cover a wide variety of aspects, but for New Vision Security that means protecting your most valued assets like your business, your home and your loved ones.

By taking the steps to ensure your business is safe during these uncertain times, might be a step in the right direction. Human detection camerasare a security system that you put in place to protect your assets as we witness the increase in crime towards businesses. By installing one of these human detection cameras you can be one step ahead of the criminals.

Human detection cameras have gained popularity ensuring personal protection due to its wide range of applications in human detection, identification as well as gender identification. Moving objects are detected, captured and send to your phone immediately.

During this lockdown period, it is no secret that certain businesses such as liquor stores, motor dealers, salons, estate agents and most industrial businesses are not allowed to be operational during level 4. How do you protect your assets while you are at home?

Install a human detection camera at your place of business to be notified of movement via your smart phone laptop or tablet of any movement. These systems can capture images of any movement at the given property and send an alarms signal to your phone, You can log into the app from anywhere in the world, see who is entering the property and have the necessary images captured for further investigation.

With human detection cameras you will stay on top of your business even while operational. While all businesses are struggling to keep the lights on, investing in a human detection camera system, you can ensure your property is protected, your assets safe and in the event of any abnormal activity, you will have the evidence for the insurance and police to track down your assets should anything happen.

Phone New Vision Security today for a quotation on the human detection cameras. We try harder in keeping you safe.

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