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We can all agree that Safety and Security in South Africa is something we think about daily. The unsettling crime rate in South Africa has increased with a staggering 349% increase in business robberies over the past 11 years. South Africans have a growing need for both domestic and business safety. When leaving for your generally earned holiday be mindful and think about the security of your home while you are away. The dominant part of break-ins occurs when the householder is far away from home.

With the current crime rate in South Africa, you can’t put a price on your home or business safety but you can choose a security company that offers all clients the most competitive rates. Safety in South Africa shouldn’t be a fearful thought but rather a peace of mind knowing that new vision security will tend to all security needs. With new vision security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are protected by one of the leading Security Companies In South Africa.

New Vision wants to help you if you had a burglary at your private home as well as your company by providing CCTV installations, as well as Surveillance CCTV cameras, alarms, and electric fencing. With the latest technology in security available to us at new vision security ranging from IP cameras to security fencing and years of experience in the industry, life without the backing of a private security company like New Vision Security has become inconceivable.

New Vision Security has a wide variety of products available to tailor to every client’s specific needs ensuring that every home and every business is safe and secure. Private security in South Africa is an industry providing clients with guarding services, boom gates, CCTV cameras, investigations, and other security-related services to individuals and businesses all over the country.

All our products carry a five-year manufacturer guarantee which excludes: Self-inflicted damage, rodent damage, lightning damage (Can be sorted out via insurance), damage due to theft (Can be sorted out via insurance), and in the case where another company worked on the system installed by new vision security.

New vision security does not make use of commercial advertising. We make use of telesales, referrals, and the best marketing of all, "word of mouth". Our work speaks for itself and we will be more than happy to take a new customer to view our systems at one of our existing customers to set your mind at rest.

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New Vision Security - We Help Protect The Farmers In South Africa

Theft of livestock, farm attacks and robberies on farmers are taking place all over South Africa. It is time to take back control of your own security with the new Human Detection IP Cameras.

We know that farming is in your blood. But, in South Africa being a farmer is often more dangerous than being a fireman or police officer. By installing the Human Detection IP Camera system on your farm, you can take back control of your life and enjoy being a farmer.

Our new Human Detection IP Camera Systems provides you with instant footage of your entire property online and to make this product more reliable, your property can be accessed on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world.

This new product provides you with an instant alarm notification in case of movement on the property and provides you with access to the live feed of the activity on the property. Movement graphs are also provided via email to track the sports receiving the most movement.

With the current crime rate in South Africa, you can’t put a price on your safety on the farm or even your business.  Watch this short video to see what a South African Farmer thinks of the new system he installed on his farm. New Vision Security Systems

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All South Africans are feeling the pressure of the National lockdown regulations in place. We are not able to go about our daily routine as we are used to.

A lot has changed in our daily lives since the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the National lockdown was declared. We are forced to stay at home and adapt to a new way of living. To rebuild our lives around the virus and find a new normal.

Perhaps a time to reflect on our lives. Access what is important like personal protection or protection of your business in these uncertain times. Personal protection can cover a wide variety of aspects, but for New Vision Security that means protecting your most valued assets like your business, your home and your loved ones.

By taking the steps to ensure your business is safe during these uncertain times, might be a step in the right direction. Human detection camerasare a security system that you put in place to protect your assets as we witness the increase in crime towards businesses. By installing one of these human detection cameras you can be one step ahead of the criminals.

Human detection cameras have gained popularity ensuring personal protection due to its wide range of applications in human detection, identification as well as gender identification. Moving objects are detected, captured and send to your phone immediately.

During this lockdown period, it is no secret that certain businesses such as liquor stores, motor dealers, salons, estate agents and most industrial businesses are not allowed to be operational during level 4. How do you protect your assets while you are at home?

Install a human detection camera at your place of business to be notified of movement via your smart phone laptop or tablet of any movement. These systems can capture images of any movement at the given property and send an alarms signal to your phone, You can log into the app from anywhere in the world, see who is entering the property and have the necessary images captured for further investigation.

With human detection cameras you will stay on top of your business even while operational. While all businesses are struggling to keep the lights on, investing in a human detection camera system, you can ensure your property is protected, your assets safe and in the event of any abnormal activity, you will have the evidence for the insurance and police to track down your assets should anything happen.

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Finding a reliable CCTV Camera provider that can make quotations easier, is as simple as New Vision Security. With a reputation for quick and reliable service, New Vision Security can provide you with a quotation at no extra charge.

New Vision Security only installs the highest quality CCTV Cameras with options to choose from. Rent to own or buy your system. The latest in technology - human detection cameras with instant intruder notification is our most installed camera, for obvious reasons.

There are no more delays from your security company having to phone you or confirm your password to know if you are in danger. With the human detection cameras, you will get an instant intruder notification via the installed app along with a photo of the perpetrator's movement. Graphs are also done daily and sent to your email in order to keep track of where the movement took place.

These human detection cameras can also assist you in a criminal investigation should it be necessary.

Why wait? Install your own human detection cameras from New Vision Security for your own protection.

Our job is to make CCTV Camera installations easier, faster and more reliable for each individual.

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New Vision Security has all the security systems you need to feel safe and protected against the unknown.

We are proud to announce that we are now declared as essential workers to assist in all your security system needs. And the best is yet to come….. If you request a quote from New Vision Security for a new security system, the quotation will be done absolutely free.

At New Vision Security, we know times are difficult with the national lockdown. All of us are by law ordered to stay at home. This might have given you time to reflect on your current security system or maybe the installation of a brand-new system.

New Vision Security wants to empower each and every South African home to have the latest in the technology security system to protect the once’s you love most. Our IP human detection cameras will do just that. For more information on our IP Human Detection Cameras, visit our website newvisionsecurity.co.za

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