Analogue vs IP/HD Cameras

ip cameras pretoriaAnalogue

Analogue Cameras have different ways of transmitting signals than an IP/HD Camera, for example:

  1. Wireless
  2. Coax Cable
  3. Cat5 Cable


Analogue Pros
Cost = Better price to performance ratio then IP Flexibility of design = Varies of camera types (small to large with IR) Very compatible & easy installation with no major problems
Analogue Cons
Have limited features like built in digital zoom Interference may occur with wireless Signal loss with very long distances

Most IP/HD Cameras of new vision security have different ways of transmitting signals for example:

IP/HD Camera Pros
Better encryption allows for less interference, thus better wireless support To add one or more cameras at remote site can be easier May be connected to a existing network
IP/HD Camera Cons
High bandwidth use: ± 500kbps to 1.5Mbps High cost compared to analogue cameras Vendor restricted: Not all brands support all features, thus selecting a brand may be difficult

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