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Summer is here and that brings along thunderstorms. From soft rain to electrifying thunderstorms outbursts can be seen a few times a week.

What do thunderstorms mean for my home security system?

Natural elements might have a major impact on your home security system and your safety might be compromised. There are several aspects of a security system that we need to check regularly. Checking your security system frequently, allows you to detect the problem early and stay safe and protected.

         The back-up battery - always ensure that your backup battery is working and charging at all times. This will ensure your alarm system is working in the
              event of a power outage due to a thunderstorm or load-shedding. The frequency to check your back-up batteries is every 6 months.
          Ensure that your cameras are clean to ensure a good picture of the perpetrator. Cleaning your lenses might be required every few months depending
              on the season and amount of rain your region receives. You will know when it is time to clean your lenses - look at the picture quality.
              Please ensure to use an appropriate lens cleaner when cleaning your lenses.
         Motion sensing stops working - when you have a security system that records or takes pictures of movement on your property, as the Human Detection 
             IP Cameras, it might be a sign that your system requires maintenance. Check your alarm system frequently by letting someone set off the motion sensor
             to test the system.

Routine maintenance is the best way to ensure your home and business stays protected against the hands of perpetrators. Prevention is better than being left with damaged property or theft of your most valued assets.

With New Vision Security's Human Detection IP Camera systems, you can enjoy this holiday away from home and still feel protected. These security systems not only notify you of movement on the property but send daily graphs via email indicating the "hot spots" for movement throughout the day.

Ensuring that your property is well taken care of while you are on holiday, or in need of maintenance of your security system, phone New Vision Security today for a quote.

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