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We can all agree that Safety and Security in South Africa is something we think about daily. The unsettling crime rate in South Africa has increased with a staggering 349% increase in business robberies over the past 11 years. South Africans have a growing need for both domestic and business safety.

CCTV Cameras date back to the 1940s. Since then, technology has grown and evolved in the security industry to where we are today. But can you still breathe life into your old CCTV camera system and what is the difference between CCTV and IP cameras?

Your CCTV Cameras might be dated and at the exact moment you might need them, they might not be working. Murphy's Law right? There are still a few options to consider to bring your CCTV Cameras back to life. While IP cameras are webcams that transfer information over the internet, CCTV cameras must be connected to a local area network (LAN). One of the most common issues with CCTV Cameras is not being able to access all of your cameras. 

If you are unable to access all of your CCTV cameras and you know that they are powered up and working, then the problem could be an IP address conflict.

Troubleshooting your CCTV Camera System

Images and video's too dark

If your security camera video picture is too dark or not clear, you can try and adjust the below to fix it:

 Adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the security camera.

  • Adjust the security camera to a different position or a different location.
  • Slide the adjustable sunshade (if your security camera has one) backward to let in more light.
CCTV Cameras not showing images

Try the following suggested fixes if your CCTV security cameras are not showing images:

Check if your security camera power supply is working properly.

  • Test your security camera on a different DVR/NVR port.
  • Swap the input cables to see if it makes a difference.
  • Confirm if the video formats that your security cameras and DVRs/NVRs support are compatible.

Unclear CCTV footage

If you have blurry or unclear images from your CCTV cameras, there might be several causes. A dirty lens, wiring, 

or a damaged lens. 


  • Clean your lens with a soft cloth to remove all dirt, spider webs, fingerprints, and dust. If this does not fix the image, we go to the next step 
  • Your wiring might be faulty - call your security company to come and take a professional look at your wiring - if the CCTV system is old, new wiring might be required. 
  • The lens might be damaged - This is also a job for your security company. They have qualified staff to assess the problem and inform you of a damaged lens.  

New vision security has a wide variety of products available to tailor to every client’s specific needs. We want to ensure that every house and every business is safe and secure. With the latest in technology, the new IP Cameras -New Vision Security is here to support you every step of the way. Easy installation and free quotations are amongst the smaller things we do to make life a little easier. Life without the backing of a private security company like New Vision Security has become inconceivable.

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New Vision Security Is Ready For 2021

Is Your Security System Protecting You Or Are You Protecting Your Security System?

When was the last time you updated your security system? Truth be told, safety measures and security systems in South Africa need to be updated regularly. New technology makes it easier to live in a safer place and to protect your business to full capacity. 

Finding a reliable CCTV Camera provider that can make quotations easier, is as simple as New Vision Security. With a reputation for quick and reliable service, New Vision Security can provide you with a quotation at no extra charge. New Vision Security only installs the highest quality CCTV Cameras with options to choose from. Rent to own or buy your system.

New vision security is proud to announce the latest breakthrough in CCTV cameras, the Human Detection Camera.

What is a Human Detection Camera?

These cameras are truly the latest in technology that will inform you instantly of an intruder on your property. The Human Detection Camera has a range of 15 – 20m from the camera to detect any movement on the given property. These cameras identify the object, takes a picture of the moving object, and notifies the owner immediately. Therefore is called a human detection camera.

This alarm system is combined with a camera view to track the movement live on your phone. You will receive a notification via your smartphone and via email, instantly notifying you of any movement on your property. These IP Human Detection Cameras are so advanced that you will receive a snapshot of the perpetrator for easy identification should an investigation be necessary.

The movement of the perpetrator can be caught on camera for up to 17 meters from your property. Daily graphs will also be sent via email to track the movement on the property. These Human Detection Cameras truly can save the lives of your loved ones.

New Vision Security have also made it our priority to assist farmers with Human Detection Cameras in order to protect their farms and their cattle. Any movement within 17 meters of the camera, will be captured and sent directly to your phone.

New Vision Security wants to assist in making life simpler, faster, and make your security system work for you.

New vision security has been in the security business since 2004 and therefore has many years of experience when it comes to protecting your property, your home, or your farm. We have different options available and we are able to provide our customers with a full site survey that will be conducted prior to the electric fencing quotation to provide every client with the best services new vision security has to offer.

New Vision Security is going from strength to strength and we would like to thank all our loyal customers for the support during the past year. 


New Vision Security has the perfect security solutions for the protection of your home and business this festive season.  

The festive season is around the corner, are you prepared?

New Vision Security wants to help protect your most valued assets this festive season. As this year is drawing to a close, we know that crime rates and robberies usually spike around the December holidays. 

Are you planning on going away on that well-deserved vacation this December holiday and worried about leaving your property? New Vision Security offers the latest in technology, Human Detection IP Cameras. With our latest Human Detection IP Cameras, you will be kept up to date with accessible visual footage of your home. You can log onto your security system from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Instant notifications will be sent to you with an image of the activity on the property for optimal security along with email notifications and daily graphs of the activity in and around your property. Along with the security these camera systems have to offer, there are additional benefits:

No more handing house keys to neighbors. 

There is no need to be dependent on others to protect your assets and home. You can leave your home with 

peace of mind knowing that the Human Detection IP Cameras will notify you in case of any movement. 

Security Cameras May Reduce Your Insurance Premium.

Home insurers look for a well-integrated security system when they offer you a package. When you take out an insurance policy, you are transferring the risk of burglary and damage to someone else, the insurance company. Therefore they need to know which safety measures you have taken to quote you on a package designed to fit your personal needs.

What do I look for in a security company?

When searching for the correct Security Company in Pretoria, it is crucial to see what services they offer you. A few things to look at are: how long have they been in business, is the technical staff trained and experienced, are their products made to suit my requirements as well as if the products are affordable. New vision security has been in business since 2005 with an immaculate reputation. We have specialized technical teams, trained to assist our clients with any installations and post-installation assistance. Our wide range of products is designed according to your requirements. new vision security Services don’t only install CCTV cameras.

Which cameras does my house need?

With a wide variety of products available, we can offer you the best products on the market. One of the qualified technicians will do a complete evaluation of your property ensuring that all your security needs are met. All of our products are fully adjustable to tailor for your specific needs.

New Vision security takes great pride in our products and strives to provide each client with the best products, best quality, and professional advice when it comes to securing your property.

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Summer is here and that brings along thunderstorms. From soft rain to electrifying thunderstorms outbursts can be seen a few times a week.

What do thunderstorms mean for my home security system?

Natural elements might have a major impact on your home security system and your safety might be compromised. There are several aspects of a security system that we need to check regularly. Checking your security system frequently, allows you to detect the problem early and stay safe and protected.

         The back-up battery - always ensure that your backup battery is working and charging at all times. This will ensure your alarm system is working in the
              event of a power outage due to a thunderstorm or load-shedding. The frequency to check your back-up batteries is every 6 months.
          Ensure that your cameras are clean to ensure a good picture of the perpetrator. Cleaning your lenses might be required every few months depending
              on the season and amount of rain your region receives. You will know when it is time to clean your lenses - look at the picture quality.
              Please ensure to use an appropriate lens cleaner when cleaning your lenses.
         Motion sensing stops working - when you have a security system that records or takes pictures of movement on your property, as the Human Detection 
             IP Cameras, it might be a sign that your system requires maintenance. Check your alarm system frequently by letting someone set off the motion sensor
             to test the system.

Routine maintenance is the best way to ensure your home and business stays protected against the hands of perpetrators. Prevention is better than being left with damaged property or theft of your most valued assets.

With New Vision Security's Human Detection IP Camera systems, you can enjoy this holiday away from home and still feel protected. These security systems not only notify you of movement on the property but send daily graphs via email indicating the "hot spots" for movement throughout the day.

Ensuring that your property is well taken care of while you are on holiday, or in need of maintenance of your security system, phone New Vision Security today for a quote.

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We can all agree that Safety and Security in South Africa is something we think about daily. The unsettling crime rate in South Africa has increased with a staggering 349% increase in business robberies over the past 11 years. South Africans have a growing need for both domestic and business safety. When leaving for your generally earned holiday be mindful and think about the security of your home while you are away. The dominant part of break-ins occurs when the householder is far away from home.

With the current crime rate in South Africa, you can’t put a price on your home or business safety but you can choose a security company that offers all clients the most competitive rates. Safety in South Africa shouldn’t be a fearful thought but rather a peace of mind knowing that new vision security will tend to all security needs. With new vision security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are protected by one of the leading Security Companies In South Africa.

New Vision wants to help you if you had a burglary at your private home as well as your company by providing CCTV installations, as well as Surveillance CCTV cameras, alarms, and electric fencing. With the latest technology in security available to us at new vision security ranging from IP cameras to security fencing and years of experience in the industry, life without the backing of a private security company like New Vision Security has become inconceivable.

New Vision Security has a wide variety of products available to tailor to every client’s specific needs ensuring that every home and every business is safe and secure. Private security in South Africa is an industry providing clients with guarding services, boom gates, CCTV cameras, investigations, and other security-related services to individuals and businesses all over the country.

All our products carry a five-year manufacturer guarantee which excludes: Self-inflicted damage, rodent damage, lightning damage (Can be sorted out via insurance), damage due to theft (Can be sorted out via insurance), and in the case where another company worked on the system installed by new vision security.

New vision security does not make use of commercial advertising. We make use of telesales, referrals, and the best marketing of all, "word of mouth". Our work speaks for itself and we will be more than happy to take a new customer to view our systems at one of our existing customers to set your mind at rest.

Contact New Vision Security today if you are looking at partnering up with one of the leading Security Companies In South Africa.