mobile security footage


Our technical teams go on regular training to provide the customer with the best information and training as well as installation of all the products we provide. Monthly downloads on surveillance recordings can be done if prior arrangements have been made through the sales representative at a nominal fee.

We pride ourselves in providing the customer with a fast response time within 24-48 hours for any call out. Should any work be done which does not fall under the maintenance agreement, will be quoted on within 24 hours.


All our products carry a five year manufacturer guarantee, excluding:

  1. Self inflicted damage
  2. Rodent Damage
  3. Lightning damage (Can be sorted out via insurance)
  4. Damage due to theft (Can be sorted out via insurance)
  5. In the case where another company worked on the system installed by new vision Security

Rental Option

A rental option is available for business owners who want to keep an eye on things.

Assisting with Criminal Investigations

New Visions Security can assist our clients with certain criminal investigations and analyzing of footages.
This is part of New visions free maintenance depending on the quotation that the client accepted.


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