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Security in South Africa is one of the most searched aspects on Google. Truth be told, everyone is worried about their safety and the safety of their assets. But have you recently given your home and workplace security any thought? Or are you waiting for a rainy day to be caught off-guard by not being as protected as you initially thought you were?

Are you protected with the best Human Detection IP Camera Systems at the lowest price?

With New Vision Security, this is possible. With our range of security systems, you will not be caught off guard. Protect your assets and your family.

What is Human Detection IP Cameras?

Human Detection IP Cameras are the latest in technology and prevent false alarms caused by other movements such as wind and moving branches. This unique device sends instant alarm notifications of any human activity, directly to your smartphone, avoiding cause for false alarms.)
Human Detection IP Cameras are designed to detect human activity/movement in and around the property (depending on where these cameras are placed). These camera systems are designed to send a snapshot of the perpetrator's movement, directly to your phone, giving you direct access to view any activity on the property from anywhere in the world.

Why choose human detection cameras over standard camera systems

The human detection IP cameras are designed to work on facial recognition and take snapshots of the detected movement on the property. Human Detection IP Cameras can do this thanks to a highly advanced algorithm that detects the shape of human faces and acquires facial features in real-time. These snapshots are immediately accessible on your smartphone, giving you the optimal advantage of calling the police or neighborhood watch to respond to the alarm.

Weekly graphs of all the movement on your property will be sent via email, ensuring that you have camera coverage in the areas where perpetrators were previously not detected with ordinary CCTV Cameras making it the preferred security system of choice.

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