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New Vision Security -The largest supplier of CCTV Systems in Pretoria. 

CCTV - What is CCTV?

More commonly referred to as video surveillance or more commonly known as Closed Circuit Television is a safety measure that we put in place to deter and detect criminals. 

This method of capturing data or video footage has been around for many years but with technology constantly changing, we need to update our security systems too. When was the last time you upgraded your CCTV security system? Or maybe you want to install a CCTV System.

With New Vision Security we have a wide variety of CCTV Cameras available and with our rental special option, we provide the business owner the opportunity to keep a close eye on all assets without having to purchase an entirely new system. We offer the following to all our clients: 

New vision security makes use of mostly Sony CCTV Surveillance cameras. CCTV installations depend on the customer’s requirements and our highly trained technical and sales team will do a site survey to provide you, the customer with only the best quality CCTV cameras System to suit your every need and specifications. We also provide our clients with CCTV specials Pretoria based and surrounding areas.

Which security camera do I need?

Tech talk - High definitions we often don't understand. So how do I know which camera system I need if I don't understand the lingo? Let's have a look at some of the security camera systems which might broaden your knowledge of our different systems:

 Color 1/3 CCD 600TVL Box Camera -

The Color 1/3 CCD 600TVL Box Camera is an IR Dome Camera with a strong Anti-noise function. The 600 TVL defines the resolution of the camera. This camera comes with CDS Auto Control in Low Lux. This means that the camera can produce a high-resolution picture in low light conditions. This compact IR Dome Camera has a built-in ESD protection device. The ESD Protection Device protects a circuit from an Electrostatic discharge (ESD), in order to prevent a malfunction or breakdown of an electronic device. IR Dome cameras are perfect and safe to use outdoors. 

3.6mm 1/3" IR Dome Camera 650TVL -

The 3.6mm 1/3" IR Dome Camera 650TVL cameras are used indoors with a 650TVL resolution. The IR Dome Camera 650TVL is a day/night camera that is built to blend in with the home's ceiling or walls. 3.6mm stands for the lens size. These IR Dome cameras feature 12 Infrared LEDs to capture images in complete darkness up to 66 feet away.

6mm 1/3" 30mIR 420TVL -

The Sony 6mm 1/3" 30mIR 420TVL is a waterproof camera for indoor/outdoor use with a 6mm lens. These cameras are also day/night cameras with a range of 30 meters and are equipped with Infrared LED's and have a resolution of 420TVL.

Pinhole spy camera 420 TVL -

The Pinhole spy camera 420 TVL is perfect for indoor use and homes with suspended ceilings. With a resolution of 420 TVL, these cameras are small and efficient.

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All our products carry a five-year manufacturer guarantee, excluding:

  • Self-inflicted damage
  • Rodent Damage
  • Lightning damage (Can be sorted out via insurance)
  • Damage due to theft (Can be sorted out via insurance)
  • In the case where another company worked on the system installed by new vision Security

Our CCTV Features Including:

  • Free quotations
  • Wireless cameras with a wireless range of up to 300m
  • General surveillance camera's for your home or small business
  • Night and day general surveillance cameras
  • General surveillance cameras with a range of 30-50m
  • 5year free guarantee and 5year free maintenance (T's & C's apply)
  • Your CCTV camera is installed in less than one week
  • Depending on your insurance this can lower your insurance premium

Benefits of New Vision's CCTV Cameras

  • Our prices are very competitive because we are direct importers of our CCTV cameras
  • Prevents fraud
  • Reduces theft
  • Of site monitoring by customer
  • Keeps your family safe
  • Keeps an eye on your business
  • Our system never sleeps

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