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CCTV Cameras (Closer Circuit Television) is the equipment used in order to watch over an area or people for safety and monitoring reasons. Areas, where extreme activity occurs, makes it more difficult for a human security officer to observe everyone and everything successfully. Therefore CCTV is absolutely perfect for the job!

Higher populated areas are more easily affected through theft or anti-societal movements and therefore should be observed with caution. Utility stores, financial institutions, traffic centres as well as defence setups are also considered to be areas that should be monitored for safety. CCTV, therefore, decreases the risk of human error. 

CCTV also provides some more uses. In production unit, certain parts may be inapt for people because of the chemicals. But the process is to be monitored. In such a scenario to CCTV is helpful. Moreover, it is useful in distant education. In several parts on the globe, CCTV is even used for observing and organizing of traffic. CCTV device is even used on the entrances of a metro train to make sure that each of the commuters is far from it whereby when closing the gateways no one is injured.

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