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Newvision Security is a gate motor installations company based in Pretoria. We Install, maintain and repair gate motors.

Dealing with gate motor repairs so often, we have listed some of the common problems our customers experience so that you may be on the lookout for them before calling your gate motor repairs man

1) Insects: you may not be aware of the fact that insects may be stuck in your gate motor. Insects tend to follow the warm and lighted area's like you gate motor sensor and get stuck in between
2) From time to time you may require to put your automatic gate in manual mode. There are many factors for this and to name a couple: you may have a loss of power due to a blackout or you may be due for your annual service which is why your gate will not open/close automatically.
3) The remote control may be out of battery

for more tips and tricks to fixing your gate motor, contact your gate motor repairs company in Pretoria