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The subject of solar power has taken the world by storm but with good reason. It might be natures way of contributing to an alternative power source. Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source, unlike traditional energy sources such as coal, that can be depleted.

Can solar panels power my home and or business?

Solar power rapidly became one of the most popular energy sources worldwide. The rays emitted from the sun is enough to fulfil global energy needs for a whole year. In a publication done “Renewable Energies Info,” it is stated that the earth’s surface receives 120 000 Terawatts of solar irradiation “Which represents 20 000 times more powerful than the whole planet needs”. 18 Days of solar irradiation on earth contains as much energy as all the world’s coal, oil and natural gas reserves put together.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

The simplicity of solar energy makes this product ideal for use in rural communities that are isolated from traditional power sources.

Solar energy is useful in generating electricity on a large scale for businesses, therefore, lowering utility bills

With Eskom under pressure to meet energy demands in a rapidly growing country, utility bills are rising. Isn’t it time to take a turn for greener, cleaner energy AND have the benefit of a lower utility bill?

Isn’t it about time you can cut your cost of traditional energy source by opting for an inexhaustible green energy source, lowering your carbon footprint in this world?

How do I know which solar panel to choose?

Solar cells, also called Photovoltaic (PV) cells, convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaic cells get its name from converting light (called Photons) to electricity (voltage) which is called the Photovoltaic effect or the PV effect. These solar panels are available in different voltages in order to accommodate your needs.

What can be powered by a 100W Solar panel?

The 100W Solar panel is one of the smaller solar panels or better known as a 12V solar panel. These Solar panels can produce up to 390Wh per day. This energy should be efficient for running a cell phone charger, LED Light for up to 4 hours, a radio for 5 hours and a router for 12 hours. And that is just by installing one solar panel. South Africa is certainly the best place to install solar because of the hours of daily sun we receive.

Imagine which amount of solar energy you can generate by having more solar panels or a higher Watt solar panel installed.

Business all over South Africa is opting for Solar panels. There are many different malls, that are already operating a successful solar-powered system within the malls like for instance “The Mall of Africa” as well as “Wonderboom Junction”. The “Mall of Africa” has a solar system with a capacity of 4 755kW installations that is covering about 45 000m2 of the roof. This energy is efficient to power the mall’s daily operations.

Isn’t it time you made the choice to opt for green energy? Lower your utility bills? Leave a lower carbon footprint? Make use of an inexhaustible power source? Have power in load shedding situations?

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