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This year has also come to an end and the festive season is around the corner. All of us are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our loved ones. But as we all know, crime increases over this time of the year and the criminals become more active in our communities. Are you prepared?

Are you leaving your home alone while going on holiday? Isn’t it time for a CCTV Installation to ensure the safety of your most valued assets?

If you are staying at home for the holidays, it doesn’t mean that your property and loved ones are protected. With a simple installation of CCTV Cameras, your home can be a safe haven for you and your family this festive season. Having CCTV cameras installed, will not only leave you feeling safer, but this information captured on your security cameras are vital for police investigations should it be needed.

With the latest technology available in UPS systems, even load shedding shouldn’t be a problem. Depending on your needs, our CCTV Installations team can install a battery for your security system that can last for 8-10 hours. Ensuring your home is always safeguarded from the criminals lurking the streets.

We have a wide variety of camera systems available to suit your every need. From standard CCTV cameras to infrared cameras. Our CCTV installations have helped many South African citizens feel safe and secure again.

New vision security would like to thank all our loyal customers over the past year. We have certainly grown from strength to strength and wouldn’t have been able to do so without your continued support.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe this festive season.