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New vision security – Experienced In electric fencing, Providing You With Protection And Peace Of Mind.

Electric fencing has been around for many decades providing farmers with much-needed safety as well as protecting their game and cattle from predators and unwelcome guests. Having electric fencing installed is the first line of defence when it comes to security.

We live in a country where safety is one of the main priorities for each and every farmer, business owner and homeowner. Whether we need to protect our assets, our loved ones, our game or cattle, we all want to feel safe.

Electric fencing has different options available. We can offer all our clients a choice of 4 to 10 strings and with our added products such as our security cameras, new vision security can provide you with optimal security.

With the instalment of electric fencing, we can offer you added security, the latest technology for optimal security, the uniview cameras. These cameras will definitely add to your safety. These camera systems, known as uniview, will notify you on your smartphone of any movement and send a graph to you for the daily movement that took place.

These systems will send you an instant alarm to your phone should there be a threat. You will have instant access to the live feed of the movement via your phone, tablet or laptop. new vision security wants to change the way you look at farming, business and your home. Start protecting your farm, your home or your business today by installing electric fencing and our latest product, the uniview cameras.

New Vision Security wants to assist in making life simpler, faster and make your security system work for you. New vision security has been in the security business since 2004 and therefore has many years of experience when it comes to protecting your property, your home or your farm. We have different options available and we are able to provide our customers with a full site survey that will be conducted prior to the electric fencing quotation to provide every client with the best services new vision security has to offer.

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