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Keeping your family and home safe with our top of the range CCTV Surveillance cameras. new vision security makes use of mostly Sony CCTV Surveillance cameras and we have many CCTV specials Pretoria based. CCTV installations depend on the customer's requirements and our highly trained technical and sales team will do a site survey to provide the customer with only the best quality CCTV cameras System to suit your every need and specifications. We also provide our clients with CCTV specials Pretoria based and surrounding areas. We have an unbelievable guarantee of 5 years free as well as 5 years of free maintenance (T &C apply).cctv_specials_pretoria_newvision

Our fencing is of the highest quality and our staff is dedicated to offering you, our client, the highest quality electric fencing Installation Services Centurion based. We lead the field in quality and service, supplying cost-effective electric fencing. new vision security does installations for residential, corporate, commercial, industrial and any other property and premises. electric fencing is the first line of security and that is why new vision security would like to help you keep your property safe against intruders. We provide all of our customers with a 1-year maintenance guarantee if customers use our electric fencing Installation Services Centurion based.


Analogue Cameras have different ways of transmitting signals than ip cameras. We have a wide range of ip camera Pretoria based, such as our well-known dome IP camera, IR IP camera and more.

Analogue Cameras:
PROS: Cost = Better price to performance ratio then IP Flexibility of design = Varies of camera types (small to large with IR) Very compatible & easy installation with no major problems.
CONS: Have limited features like built-in digital zoom Interference may occur with the wireless Signal loss with very long distances.

IP Cameras:
PROS: Better encryption allows for less interference, thus better wireless support To add one or more cameras at a remote site can be easier May be connected to an existing network.
CONS: High bandwidth use: ± 500kbps to 1.5Mbps High cost compared to analogue cameras Vendor restricted: Not all brands support all features, thus selecting a brand may be difficult.
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New vision security makes use of mostly Sony CCTV Surveillance cameras. CCTV installations depend on the customer's requirements and our highly trained technical and sales team will do a site survey for the customer with only the best quality CCTV camera System Pretoria based to suit every need and specification. We also provide our clients with the following CCTV camera System Pretoria based Features:
1. Free quotations
2. Wireless cameras with a wireless range of up to 300m
3. General surveillance camera's for your home or small business
4. Night and day general surveillance cameras
5. General surveillance cameras with a range of 30-50m
6. 5year free guarantee and 5-year free maintenance(T's & C's apply)
7. Your CCTV camera is installed in less than one week
8. Depending on your insurance this can lower your insurance premium

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Here are some things you need to think about to ensure that you get a gate motor Gauteng based, that's right for what your need. If you want your gate motor to be powered directly from the mains supply of the distribution board in your house then you would select AC power (alternating current). The alternative is DC (direct current) which relies on a "power store" such as a battery. Get an approximation of what your gate weighs before selecting a gate motor Gauteng based. Gates are actually much lighter than we think. If you can lift one side of your gate to about the height of your chin, chances are it doesn't weigh much more than 250kg.

gate motor gauteng