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In a country like South Africa which has a very high crime rate, it is recommended to have security for your home and business. At new vision security, we offer various types of security, such as electric fencing, security cameras and gate motors.

The most common form of security is Security Camera Systems In South Africa. Short circuit cameras or CCTV frameworks are utilized for electronic observation every waking hour in different business and business stations and additionally for home utilize.

They are perfect for observing representative conduct and counteract undesirable actions from occurring within the following premises. Short circuit picture clickers catch visualizations and hand them off to screens that are associated with them. Contact new vision on 082 784 9623 to install your Security Camera Systems In South Africa today!


CCTV Cameras operates on a system which is used for watching over an area or people for safety aims.

The areas where there is an extreme activity of people making it tricky for a human security officer to observe all the persons at one stroke, CCTV camera Systems South Africa based is the most affordable and suitable solution.

Such areas are more in hazard of thefts or anti-societal movements and hence should be cautiously watched over. Utility stores, financial institutions, traffic centres as well as defence setups are some examples of such places and should be monitored carefully continually.

Contact us for high-quality CCTV camera Systems South Africa based on 082 784 9623 and we will be most happy to assist you.


Electrical Fencing is one of our biggest options of security and that is why every homeowner, business owner and farm owner should possess one of these to keep intruders from entering. As one of the leading Electric Fence Companies In Gauteng we provide our customers with a full sight survey conducted prior the quotation to provide them with the best service possible. If we installed your Electic Fence System you will get a one-year maintenance guarantee. At new vision, we provide our customers with the choice of 4 strings up to 10 string of electricity fence As one of the leading Electric Fence Companies In Gauteng we recommend that you also look into CCTV installations combined with electric fencing, to provide you and your family with the best security surveillance and to have maximum control over security.


New vision security make's use of mostly Sony CCTV Surveillance cameras. CCTV camera installations depends on the customer's requirements and our highly trained technical and sales team will do a sight survey to provide you, the customer with only the best quality CCTV cameras System to suit your every need and specifications. We also provide our clients specials on our CCTV camera installations as well as our product prices. Contact new vision security on 012 991 0800 and we will be happy to assist you.



Here at new vision security, we install the world-renowned centurion gate motor. Benefits of using new vision security for your gate motor installations is that we are registered Gate Motor Installers Gauteng based, it usually takes one day to install, depending on the site, there is a 2-year guarantee with the convenience of six months free maintenance and all our systems come with a battery backup. Our Gate Motor Installers Gauteng based can do installations for residential homes, estates and townhouses, domestic, commercial as well as industrial sites. Contact new vision security for professional high-quality gate motor installations on 082 784 9623