We are registered as an essential service. New Vision Security can assist you with quotations and more during the lockdown.

Gate motors offer the convenience of opening and closing the gate without the need of getting out of the vehicle. new vision security is a registered Centurion Gate Motor Company. With our affordable centurion gate motors For Sale Gauteng based you will also receive a two-year guarantee, plus, we will offer you the convenience of free maintenance for six months.

All of our centurion gate motors Gauteng based come with battery back-up. We OFFER Centurion gate motor installations for residential homes, estates & townhouses, domestic, commercial as well as industrial industries. For centurion gate motors For Sale Gauteng based, contact new vision security on: 012 991 0342 and we will be happy to assist you!


New Vision wants to help you if you had a burglary at your private home as well as your company by providing CCTV installations, as well as Surveillance CCTV cameras, alarms and electric fencing.

All our products carry a five-year manufacturer guarantee which includes: Self-inflicted damage, rodent damage, lightning damage (Can be sorted out via insurance), damage due to theft (Can be sorted out via insurance) and in the case where another company worked on the system installed by new vision security.

We provide cctv services in Cctv Nelspruit, Rustenburg, Brits and Pretoria.
You can contact us on: 012 991 0800 for more information on what new vision security can offer you in Cctv Nelspruit, Rustenburg, Brits and Pretoria.


New Vision is one of the leading Security Companies In South Africa which offer reliable security. The new vision telesales team will not only provide you, the customer, with prior information on all of our products but will also make sure to confirm an appointment for one of our highly qualified sales representatives to come and give you a free quotation on all your security needs.

The sales representative will keep you informed on all the steps during the IP and CCTV installations, electric fencing and gate motor installations. We will handle all relative paperwork will be available 24 hours a day to provide you with any information you may need and require.

New vision security does not make use of commercial advertising. We make use of telesales, referrals and the best marketing of all, "word of mouth". Our work speaks for itself and we will be more than happy to take a new customer to view our systems at one of our existing customers to set your mind at rest.


New vision security make's use of mostly Sony CCTV Surveillance cameras. CCTV camera installations depend on the customer's requirements and our highly trained technical and sales team will do a site survey to provide you, the customer with only the best quality camera System to suit your every need and specifications.

We also provide our clients specials on our CCTV camera installations as well as our product prices. new vision security is proud CCTV camera Installation Gauteng based company offering the purchase of products as well, in fact, new vision security can assist you with all your security needs to help you feel more safe and secure.

If you are looking for CCTV camera Installation Gauteng based contact new vision security on 082 784 9623 for more information.



An Electric Fence is one of our biggest options of security and that is why every homeowner, business owner and farm owner should possess one of these to keep intruders from entering.

As an electric fencing Pretoria based company we provide our customers with a full sight survey conducted prior the quotation to provide them with the best service possible. If we installed your electric fencing Pretoria based System you will get a one-year maintenance guarantee.

At new vision, we provide our customers with the choice of 4 strings up to 10 strings of electric fencing. We recommend that you also look into CCTV installations combined with electric fencing, to provide you and your family with the best security surveillance and to have maximum control over security.