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As you know the law has set stringent electrical fencing installation rules to ensure the safety and quality of the electric fencing

The following would fall under this new legislation. All residential and commercial, freehold and or sectional title, within town-house complexes, housing estates, echo parks and business parks would all fall under this new legislation.

All property owners in South Africa are legally responsible for any electric fence installations on their property and can be sued and prosecuted in a court of law for non-compliant electric fences, especially if someone touches the fence and gets hurt, including the criminals.

New vision security is a certified electrical fence installer. Book your consultation with an electrician today.


Newvision Security is a gate motor installations company based in Pretoria. We Install, maintain and repair gate motors.

Dealing with gate motor repairs so often, we have listed some of the common problems our customers experience so that you may be on the lookout for them before calling your gate motor repairs man

1) Insects: you may not be aware of the fact that insects may be stuck in your gate motor. Insects tend to follow the warm and lighted area's like you gate motor sensor and get stuck in between
2) From time to time you may require to put your automatic gate in manual mode. There are many factors for this and to name a couple: you may have a loss of power due to a blackout or you may be due for your annual service which is why your gate will not open/close automatically.
3) The remote control may be out of battery

for more tips and tricks to fixing your gate motor, contact your gate motor repairs company in Pretoria


New Vision wants to help you if you had a burglary at your private home as well as your company by providing CCTV installations, as well as Surveillance CCTV cameras, alarms and electric fencing.

All our products carry a five-year manufacturer guarantee which includes: Self-inflicted damage, rodent damage, lightning damage (Can be sorted out via insurance), damage due to theft (Can be sorted out via insurance) and in the case where another company worked on the system installed by new vision security.

We provide CCTV services in Cctv Pretoria.

You can contact us on: 012 991 0800 for more information on what new vision security can offer you in Cctv Pretoria.


Setting up your IP camera after your IP camera installation may not necessarily be a simple task. That is why at new vision security, we have taken the time to explain the importance of drawing your boundary lines after your ip camera Installations

Door Regions

The CCTV Software has rules and options whereby you can select an option that displays or activates a region that you can draw around a door frame or other entryway including your main doors, sliding doors, windows etc to draw more focus on the errors.

An object or a person has to at the least, cross the region in which you have drawn as your focal point for a reaction to be triggered.

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Choosing a CCTV surveillance camera for your home may not be an easy task especially if you are new to the technology. Some of the methods you may use to ensuring that you choose the right CCTV Surveillance cameras for your home include:

1) Understanding the different types of cameras available from IR Cameras to IP cameras in order to determine which one will best for you
2) from your findings above, consider the disadvantages and advantages of each camera
3) Consider its capabilities and costs.

To get expert advice on the perfect surveillance camera for your home, contact us on 012 991 0800