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New vision security is proud to announce the latest breakthrough in CCTV cameras, the Human Detection Camera.

What is a Human Detection Camera?

These cameras are truly the latest in technology that will inform you instantly of an intruder on your property. The Human Detection Camera has a range of 15 – 20m from the camera to detect any movement on the given property. These cameras identify the object, takes a picture of the moving object and notifies the owner immediately. Therefor is called a human detection camera.

How does a human detection camera work?

There was an urgent need in South Africa for better, faster and more accurate surveillance cameras. With the older surveillance cameras, it was quite difficult to capture faces of the intruders and most systems required monitoring by a person to detect movement on the property. But, with the latest technology in CCTV cameras, such as the human detection camera, that might be a problem of the past.

These systems are specifically designed to take an instant picture of the movement and a notification is sent to your phone via the app as well as an intruder alert on your email. Graphs will be sent daily indicating when movement took place for your convenience.

These human detection cameras are ideal for farmers, business owners and homeowners. We have had great success on farms with these cameras.

New vision security will be able to give you a quote over the phone for the during of 21day lockdown as we are not permitted to visit your property for a site assessment. But we are always available on our cell phones to assist with quotations.

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New vision security is proud to announce that we help protect our farmers.

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New vision security – Experienced In electric fencing, Providing You With Protection And Peace Of Mind.

Electric fencing has been around for many decades providing farmers with much-needed safety as well as protecting their game and cattle from predators and unwelcome guests. Having electric fencing installed is the first line of defence when it comes to security.

We live in a country where safety is one of the main priorities for each and every farmer, business owner and homeowner. Whether we need to protect our assets, our loved ones, our game or cattle, we all want to feel safe.

Electric fencing has different options available. We can offer all our clients a choice of 4 to 10 strings and with our added products such as our security cameras, new vision security can provide you with optimal security.

With the instalment of electric fencing, we can offer you added security, the latest technology for optimal security, the uniview cameras. These cameras will definitely add to your safety. These camera systems, known as uniview, will notify you on your smartphone of any movement and send a graph to you for the daily movement that took place.

These systems will send you an instant alarm to your phone should there be a threat. You will have instant access to the live feed of the movement via your phone, tablet or laptop. new vision security wants to change the way you look at farming, business and your home. Start protecting your farm, your home or your business today by installing electric fencing and our latest product, the uniview cameras.

New Vision Security wants to assist in making life simpler, faster and make your security system work for you. New vision security has been in the security business since 2004 and therefore has many years of experience when it comes to protecting your property, your home or your farm. We have different options available and we are able to provide our customers with a full site survey that will be conducted prior to the electric fencing quotation to provide every client with the best services new vision security has to offer.

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New vision security is proud to announce our latest Uniview CCTV cameras. In South Africa, being a farmer is more dangerous than being a fireman or a police officer for producing food that feeds a nation.

Farmers are seen as being soft targets by perpetrators. Theft of livestock, farm attacks and robberies are everywhere. That is why we at new vision security needed to change this. Just by upgrading your CCTV cameras to the latest technology like the Uniview CCTV cameras, you will have access to the footage of your entire property online instantly. Security systems for farms have never been more reliable, easier to access and can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet or laptop from anywhere.

With the latest technology in CCTV cameras, you will receive an instant alarm notification should any movement take place on your property. These security systems for farms not only sends an instant alarm to your phone, but you have immediate access to the live feed video to monitor the movement. The Uniview CCTV cameras will also send you a graph of the movement that took place that day.

We have two options available, rent to own and purchasing your CCTV cameras at a once-off price. All our products come with a 5year warranty.

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CCTV Camera systems have their own advantages. One of the biggest advantages for this method of security is that all activities within your commercial property will be filmed and stored and you can always view the images later. The recorded images can also be used as evidence in court in case of an already committed crime.

With the latest technology available, you will be able to have a full view of your entire business premises over the weekend or even if you are on holiday. These business security systems make it possible to log into your laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere to keep a close eye on your business.

You can benefit from business security systems in many ways. They can reduce and prevent theft and fraud, improve the productivity of employees, resolve business disputes, provide evidence for investigations should they become necessary, and improve store functionality, providing an optimal experience for your customers.

These latest business security systems will notify you on your smartphone of any movement and send a graph to you for the daily movement that took place. Start protecting your business today by installing the latest technology available, the Uniview Cameras.

Uniview Cameras are the latest in technology and makes it possible to be in control of your business even when you are not around. These systems will send you an instant alarm to your phone should there be a threat. You will have instant access to the live feed of the movement via your phone, tablet or laptop. new vision security wants to change the way you look at the business. We want to assist in making life simpler, faster and make your business security system work for you.

At new vision security, we pride ourselves in the fact that all our business security systems, like the Uniview Cameras, comes with a 5year warranty.

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New vision security – We try harder.

New vision security wants to ensure your safety and the security of your business or your home.

There are no two individuals who are the same. Therefore, new vision security has a security solution tailored to each individual. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, we can design a security solution for your specific requirements.

New vision security not only install CCTV Security Cameras, but we also have a wide variety of products available to ensure the safety of your premises. To discuss a few options we have available, here is a list of some products we have to offer to our clients:

Gate Motors: Installing a gate motor provides you with the convenience of not having to open the gate manually. This increases the safety of your property and minimises the risk of a possible hi-jack while opening the gate manually. An automated gate let you control who enters your property. Installing a gate motor also increases your property value.

Electric Fencing: Electric fences are installed for safety not only of your property but can also protect your livestock. It is easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

CCTV Security Cameras: Installing security cameras have never been easier. You now have the option of a wireless camera which you can access on your smartphone or tablet. With the latest technology available, we will find a suitable option just for your safety needs.

Security Guards: If you require a security guard, we can assist you with that too. Whether it is to monitor your grounds or simply to deter criminals, we have you covered. Our security guards are screened and checked before employment and undergo continuous training to ensure top quality services are provided to all our clients.

New vision security – Your safety and security are our priority.

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